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About Me

Nick Cullen is a software developer based in South Wales, UK who is currently working at ALTech UK. He has developed strong programming skills and a vast knowledge in a multitude of programming languages through industry experience and during his BSc Computer Games Development degree (of which he attained first class honors).

Main area of programming expertise is C++, C# and Python. With development in embedded systems with the Raspberry Pi (C++).

Software Development

After leaving behind the complex maths and algorithms used in the game industry, Nick ventured into software development and full stack web development.

Initial exposure in this field came from client work at XD Studios which involved creating a server-side inventory database, server-side file managmanet system (both written in PHP), an interactive map (ActionScript) and finally, an application using the Cordova framework (mobile & tablet) for a clients company portfolio.

Shortly after joining ALTech UK, he pioneered development of a brand new product using a Raspberry Pi and C++ which opened a lot of new sales opportunities for the company. This product being stable and trusted to run in pharmaceutical and food production industries.

Focus Projects


Software Developer - ALTech UK Labelling Technologies Ltd. (Jul 2016 - Present)

I am one of two developers, in charge of managing my own tasks and schedule. I have pioneered the development of an embedded checking system using a Raspberry Pi and programming it in C++. The checking system has already been deployed and trusted in the pharmaceutical and food production industries.

I have direct contact with customers whose projects I am responsible for leading the development. These customers include high profile names such as Screwfix Direct, TDC and Queens Hospital (Burton Upon Trent - pharmaceutical project) to name a few

Programmer - OysterWorld Games ltd. (Feb 2015 - Jul 2016)

I was responsible for the development of the complete Maya to Unity pipeline tool. This involves working closely with the resident artists to ensure optimal workflow.

Shortly after using an in-house C++ game engine we began development using Unity where I programmed many aspects of gameplay and tools in C#.

Programmer - XD Studios ltd. (Jan 2014 - Feb 2015)

I started XD Studios with 5 other entrepreneurs and developed an enormous skill set in many areas of game and software development. On top of this I was responsible for development and maintenance on the companies website.

Starting a company did not only sky rocket my development skills and knowledge but it also allowed me to gain project management and key organisational skills as well as exposure to direct communication with clients.

Programmer Internship - Chaostrend ltd. (Jun 2013 - August 2013)

I earned a summer internship at Chaostrend during my second year at university due to high quality work that got noticed by the CEO. During my time here I learned to work with a small team and quickly adapted to their custom built C++ game engine.

I was responsible for implementing some UI components and developing a flexible in-game popup message box.

Work for Clients

PHP Inventory Database

Something2Play ltd.

Implemented a PHP backend & database which saves and retrieves the inventory items from the server.

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PHP File Managment Backend

Vida Systems

Created a PHP backend for a medical app which returned the relevant Unity ‘Asset Bundle’ for the specified areas of the body.

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Interactive Flash Map

Smokers Angel

Responsible for hooking up the information provided with the specified locations on the map. Information is displayed when the cursor is hovered over a location or selected from the list box.

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Other Projects

Street Fist 2

I was involved in the initial development of Street Fist 2 at XD Studios and was responsible for implementing core features such as an expansible control system, versatile event system and first pass at enemy AI.

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Tempest Sky

Futuristic side scrolling shooter released on both the Android and iOS stores. Responsible for implementing enemy formations, Twitter integration, parallax scrolling and shooting mechanics.

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Poppin' Pirates

Use the waves to aim the cannon and destroy incoming boats. Released on Android, iOS and Facebook. Responsible for score system, game flow and Facebook integration (login and friends scores).

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Lumber Jump

Avoid logs and ditches whilst being chased by a treant. Released on Android and iOS. Implemented procedural obstacles and scrolling terrain, audio and animations.

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Exo Miner

During the time at an internship at Chaostrend ltd. using their custom C++ game engine I implemented some UI components and in-game popup messages.

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